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Buying Educational and Interactive Toys - A Parents Guide

If your wife has recently given birth then you may be thinking about purchasing a selection of toys that your newborn can play with. Getting educational or interactive toys are an excellent idea as they not only offer amusement for the child but can also help when it comes to teaching them new skills. Because there are many different types of interactive toys available to buy these days getting the right one for you child can be confusing. With this in mind, this guide has been written to assist you during the decision making process. Due to the success of Hollywood, many film and cartoon characters have become new heroes of our children. Interactive toys based on these characters like Spiderman, Superman, Buzz Lightyear and Optimus Prime has become very popular among young children. One such example is an interactive Sandman, which is a character taken from Spiderman series. It works on batteries and has multiple articulation points. Pressing the button creates Sandman voice and other cool effects. Howeve...


Educational toys - a wise gift for your child

Are you looking to buy toys for your children? One of the best toys you can get your child is educational toys. Educational toys are especially designed to help in the development of the child and are made so that children can develop new abilities. These include learning a language, visual comprehension and motor skills. Other educational toys include those that stimulate senses and exercise developing muscles. Buying educational toys may seem challenging as it is quite difficult to purchase toys for infants. Finding a balance between a toy that educates and one that entertains is obviously a big challenge. You need to find something that is fun so that your child stays interested, as well as stimulates your child to think and learn. Also, you need to consider safety, functionality, durability before purchasing toys for your children. If you are looking to buy educational toys for your children, here are a few tips that will help: The age of your child Babies that are less than six months old have limited m...


Toys as Instruments For Intellectual and Motor Skills Development

Parents normally love to spend money on children's toys, particularly those that stimulate the brain and promote intellectual development. Eight out of ten mothers would prefer to buy an educational book or toy for her child than anything that will hone a child's motor skills. This phenomenon can be attributed to the numerous marketing strategies of infant formula and children's toys focusing on brain development. Little do parents know that a child's impressive growth in his motor skills also equates to good brain development. Preschool and school-age children are at innately curious and tends to explore almost everything they can lay their hands on. This is but a normal characteristic of a growing child. At this age, they already have a considerable amount of vocabulary and have knowledge of quite a number of places, people and objects. For example, a simple stapler to an adult is a tool for keeping a number of paper together. To a child within the mentioned age group, he or she would need to use it first ...


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